Announcement of Google Apps Script 101 Code Series Explained by AI

At the end of June 2023, autooffice published “Google Apps Script 101: Building Work Automation For Free”. Currently, you can find it on various online and offline channels, including Kyobo Book Center.

In the e-BizBooks corner of the autooffice Business site, you can search and copy all the codes contained in the book. The background and detailed explanations of the codes are provided in the book, but I would like to regularly post AI explanations of the codes in this tech blog, wondering how about AI such as chatGPT and Bard explaining the codes.

Posts written by AI have the following purposes.

  1. Test of AI such as chatGPT, bard’s code description level.
  2. Test of overall posting writing level.
  3. Test of posting automation level using Google Apps Script, AI and WordPress API.
  4. Test of image auto-generation and text overlay API.

Proceed with the following process.

  1. Write a post explaining part of the code in the book through AI API. (Korean and English)
  2. It is published as a draft in both Korean and English through the WordPress API.
  3. Proofread your draft and publish it.

Let’s compare how well the AI explains the code.

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